Gutter Cleaning

The gutters to your home and business’s primary function is to channel water off your roof and into the downspouts and away from your homes foundation. Cleaning your gutters can be a time consuming and dangerous job if you do not have the proper equipment. Let Always Clean Maintenance take on the task of cleaning out your gutters, keeping your gutters functional and preventing damage to your building and property.

Why Should I Clean My Gutters?

With the change of season and wet climate experienced in the Lower Mainland and through-out the Sea to Sky and Fraser Valley, your gutters can fill up very quickly as the gutters also capture loose dirt, leaves and debris that have fallen onto your roof and washed into your gutter system. This build-up of debris and leaves can then render your gutters ineffective, preventing water to reach the downspouts and allowing un-channeled runoff water to damage your foundation, the wood structure of the property, as well as cause damage to your properties landscape.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

The maintenance of your gutters is highly dependent on the trees that surround your property. Some properties require a gutter cleaning more than twice a year, due to mature fruit trees, large oak trees as well as, evergreen trees such as pine trees that shed a lot of pine needles. However, we recommend a minimum of once per year, to allow your gutters to function properly and keep run off water from causing damage to your home or business.

Why should I hire A professional?

Gutters run the perimeter of your home or business, and for a single storey home that is typically a minimum of 10 feet high; a two storey home, is approximately 18 feet high. To properly clean your gutters, a tall ladder is balanced against the buildings gutter edge, and then the gutter is manually cleaned out in 1’ (one foot) sections at a time. This process can be very dangerous if you do not have the proper equipment and training.

Always Clean Maintenance technicians are trained in proper gutter cleaning techniques, as well as, WCB Fall Safe Protection and the proper use of a safety harness. Gutter cleaning can also be very time consuming if you don’t have the proper training and equipment.

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