5 Tips for Preparing Your Business for Halloween

October 20th, 2021 in Property Maintenance
5 Tips for Preparing Your Business for Halloween

Halloween is an opportunity to interact with your customers--and potential new customers--in a fun and exciting way. Businesses that connect with their neighbours and guests are able to build bonds using fond memories and positive associations. To help you get ready, here are 5 tips for preparing your business for Halloween.

1. Building maintenance. With the potential for so many more people to notice your business, you want your exterior to be attractive and inviting. A quick power washing of the facade, window cleaning and general tidying of the grounds will be appealing and draw people in.

2. Safety. With people coming to your business, including costumed trick-or-treaters, the area needs to be as safe as can be. Pressure wash moss from the sidewalks, sweep up slippery leaves and fallen branches, and replace broken lighting. This should keep slips and trips to a minimum.

3. Decorate. A cool display in a storefront window generates excitement and interest. It can be as elaborate or simple as you like. Create a spooky scene using traditional Halloween props like ghosts and skeletons, gravestone and cobwebs. Or go with an orange and black Halloween colour scheme and incorporate products from your inventory. Add a few toothy jack-o-lanterns and bat decals on (freshly cleaned) windows.

4. Sell themed merchandise. Halloween is big business these days with people spending more on costumes, candy, decorations and party supplies. Make some room to sell some themed products of your own.

5. Clean interior. Leave a good impression on your guests by tidying up and cleaning everywhere customers will be. If a clean exterior is an invitation to come in, a clean interior is an invitation to relax, stay, and shop awhile.