5 Tips to Stay Ahead of Your Property Cleaning During the Winter Months

January 28th, 2021 in Property Maintenance
5 Tips to Stay Ahead of Your Property Cleaning During Winter

Keeping your home clean during the winter months can seem like an endless battle. It always feels like there’s extra dirt everywhere. And to make matters worse, having an unkempt home can make the winter months feel dreadful and suffocating. But then the impending dread rolls in about how daunting it is going to be to clean the whole place up.

The truth is winter cleaning does not have to be a nightmare. It becomes much more manageable if you can stay in front of your property cleaning. Here are five simple steps to make that happen.

Keep Walkways and Entrances Clean

During winter it is quite common for people to be coming into the house wet and cold. Additionally, these clothes and shoes are usually very muddy. This can track in lots of bacteria and dirt which can spread to other rooms and develop into mold.

By keeping your entrance tidy you can minimize the amount of dirt brought into other rooms. It will provide an open and sanitary area to remove wet articles of clothing and will prevent dirt from spreading throughout the house.

Spend a Full Day Tidying Up

A major house cleaning is another great way to minimize future day-to-day cleaning for your home. To do this, go through each room in your house and get into the dirty areas. Lift furniture and clean underneath, move the fridge out and clean the lint behind it, or dust off those ceiling fans. Anything that is usually avoided should be addressed here.

While it may seem like a pain, one good day of tidying up the house can make future chore lists much smaller.

Replace Old Air Filters

The winter months are a time in which most people are lounging in their home. It gets dark early, it is cold out, and sometimes there are stretches of no sun for weeks. So, it is no surprise that people just want to hang out at home.

However, this also means that we are potentially exposing ourselves to a steady stream of airborne bacteria. Your HVAC filter should be replaced at least 3 times a year. If it has not been done in a while, this should be a top priority. Keeping the air clean will help keep your home feeling clean and fresh.

Flush Out the Drainage

Burst pipes or flooding can lead to serious consequences if one occurs. If your drainage is backed up, it could lead to costly flood restoration or emergency plumbing. If worse comes to worst, you may even have to evacuate your house due to leaks or backflow. 

To flush out your drainage, you can use a product like Drano. Baking soda with white vinegar is another alternative. It is not as thorough but provides a safe and non-toxic alternative.

Clean Windows Early

Another important part of any winter home cleaning list is your windows. Having clean windows can help provide more sunshine. While this may seem like a solely psychological benefit, the sun can also be beneficial to the cleanliness of your home.

Direct sunlight is one of the best ways to absorb moisture that may be unseen to the naked eye. This can help prevent mold and bacteria from growing on carpets, blinds, or other surfaces.

Property maintenance can be a real hassle at times. If you find that you are often facing an uphill battle when it comes to cleaning, it is time to get some help.

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