A Spring Clean-Up List for Business Properties

February 27th, 2021 in Property Maintenance
A Spring Clean-Up List for Business Properties

Spring cleaning is one of the great times of the year. The spring clean-up refreshes your environment, makes it healthy, and beautiful. The weather is improving, days are getting longer, and with a spring clean-up you can greet the summer with a beautiful property.

This blog contains great tips that you can use for the spring clean-up of your business property.

1. Landscaping: Green-up, spruce up, and clean up: Landscaping can have a huge effect on how individuals perceive your business property. Spring is the time when your landscaping needs a lot of attention. Below are some of the landscaping efforts you should consider:

  • Layering fresh mulch
  • Weeding
  • Seeding and aerating
  • Trimming up bushes
  • Fixing any problems areas
  • Planting flowers, shrubs, or trees

 2. Windows: Light is very important for your building.

Buildings with a lot of windows are highly preferred by tenants. Entire rooms brighten up, powerfully impacting the mood of every person in the facility. Make sure windows are cleaned inside and out.

3. Carpet: Your carpet should be cleaned thoroughly to remove any debris or mud that accumulated during the winter. Be sure to clean any indoor or outdoor mats.

4. Refresh your office furniture: You must dust off your office chairs, desks, desktops, and laptops. This refreshes your room and attracts more customers.

5. Pest management: Pests can cause complicated challenges for business properties. You need to control pests in your complex in a proactive manner. If needed, this is a good time to have pest control do an outside inspection, and interior rooms can also be treated at this time. Later in the spring and summer you should check regularly for bird or wasp nests.

6. Check electrical devices: You should replace all faulty light bulbs both outside and inside the rooms. LED lights are durable, bright, and eco-friendly. These type of lights are powerful for lighting in offices. Pay extra attention to lighting outside that affects walkways and parking areas. Appropriate lighting that works is important for safety and security.

A big spring clean-up will do wonders for your commercial property. If you need some help with that, contact us. This is our business.

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