Can You Power Wash Your Gutters?

August 16th, 2022
Can You Power Wash Your Gutters

No one actually likes cleaning gutters (except us!) so it can be tempting to do anything that will make the job faster, like power washing. However, it is never a good idea to power wash your gutters. Neither aluminum nor vinyl gutters are made to withstand that kind of water pressure. A small case could be made for power washing the outside of your gutter– but only from the ground. Never let the nozzle get close to the gutter to avoid breaking or denting them.

Gutter cleaning is best accomplished using good ol’ elbow grease and water pressure no stronger than what you’d get from a garden hose. First you’ll want to remove all of the twigs, leaves, pine needles and any other debris from inside your gutters, by hand. After that, if you desire, a hose can be used to clean both the inside and outside of gutters to remove any leftover gunk. Be sure to spray into the downspout and watch that the water is free flowing from the other end. This ensures that there are no blockages along the length of the pipe. If your downspout washes into an underground drainage pipe, disconnect it first so as not to wash any debris plugs into the underground pipe.

If there are stains on the outside of your gutters that you want to remove, you can use a simple concoction of water and white vinegar. The advantage of this solution is that it won’t corrode aluminum.

Back to our claim that no one likes cleaning gutters (except us!). It’s a dirty, messy, time-consuming and dangerous chore that may require tools you simply don’t have.

If you don’t want to sweat it, you don’t have to!

Hire a profession to come do it for you. They are experts at the job and will quickly take care of every aspect--including the clean up!

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