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To clear up any confusion, Pressure Washing uses a controlled high-pressure stream of cold water, and it is used more often for non-oily or non-greasy surfaces, while Power Washing uses  hot water and it is therefore ideal for cleaning oils and grease deposits.

Power or pressure washing your property is not merely a matter of aesthetic appeal: removing dirt, mold and grime from your building help materials such as vinyl siding, concrete and brick last longer and overall increase the longevity of your exterior surfaces1.


There are a couple of answers for that. The short answer is at least twice a year. The longer answer includes seasonal washes, and event-specific washes. Here are the reasons.
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Yes, power washing will help sanitize the exterior of a shopping centre or the exterior of any other building. Power washing will not totally sanitize the exterior, but it will help to sanitize it.
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Can You Power Wash in Winter?
by Cynthia White December 30th, 2020 | in Power and Pressure Washing
Power washing can be done at any time of the year. In fact, power or pressure washing may be required in winter for commercial buildings. It’s important that your property looks attractive and well-kept all year round.
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