Property Maintenance

Articles related to the maintenance of commercial and residential properties from your experts at Always Clean Maintenance in the Greater Vancouver, Surrey and The Fraser Valley

At Always Clean Maintenance we have ben providing property maintenance services to residential and commercial owners and property management outfits throughout the greater Vancouver area for a long time, and we are very happy to share with our readers the knowledge gleaned from our experience. We believe an educated customer is a happier customer and we stand by it!


Property maintenance for fire prevention is super important right now. Steps include removing all dead leaves, needles and debris from the ground and gutters around your buildings.
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A commercial property management team takes on the responsibilities and stress of dealing with commercial property maintenance, both on a day-to-day level and over the long-term.
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Spring is that special time between seasons, when weather is unpredictable, but it's likely going to continue to warm up. This is the perfect time to enjoy some of the milder weather and get your home or property ready for summer.
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