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Articles related to commercial and residential window cleaning wirth eco-friendly, bio degradable cleaning solutions, from your experts at Always Clean Maintenance in the Greater Vancouver, Surrey and The Fraser Valley.

Learn about the Soft Wash method of cleaning, which is typically used on higher elevations, or the Squeegee Cleaning, usually reserved for washing most windows in the main floor, or get interior window cleaning tips from or experts' vast experience in the industry.


You should have your window frames cleaned as often as you have your windows washed because your window frames are just as exposed to the elements as your windows are. A few times a year should be enough in most circumstances.
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Does Periodic Cleaning Help Avoid or Detect Window Leaks?
by Cynthia White March 21st, 2020 | in Window Cleaning
Periodic window cleaning in Vancouver or Surrey is important in keeping your windows clear and looking their best.
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How Do I Wash Windows in Winter?
by Cynthia White November 26th, 2019 | in Window Cleaning
Dirt can happen at anytime, whether it is the dry dust of summer, or the wet grime of the winter. If your windows are dirty, they need a thorough window washing.
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