Commercial property management vs in-house maintenance crew

May 18th, 2021 in Property Maintenance
Commercial property management vs in-house maintenance crew

Maintaining a well-cared-for property has all kinds of benefits, from generating curb appeal and good impressions about your company, to drawing interest from prospective clients.

It’s a lot of work, however, to see that all the windows are kept spotless; leaves raked and gutters cleaned; sidewalks, walkways and driveways washed free of dirt and debris; signage stays current and in good repair, etc. Whew! And that’s not all. It’s a big job! So the question is, who do you hire to do this important work?

Some owners will have an in-house maintenance crew to oversee all the challenges with keeping up the property. This works pretty well if you happen to have competent, knowledgeable people with good work ethics and desires to do a good job. The trouble is you’re still responsible for the team and the job they do. It’s one more thing on your plate to manage.

Another choice is to hire a commercial property management team. This approach frees the owner to do other things, while the management team takes on the responsibilities and stress of dealing with commercial property maintenance, both on a day-to-day level and over the long-term. A professional management team will schedule regular upkeep so your property is always clean and in good condition.

The best option will depend on the commercial property owner’s resources and time for tackling maintenance issues. For those wanting more involvement, an in-house crew will fit the bill. For those needing to free up time and energy, a professional property management team will take care of all maintenance responsibilities.