Dispelling Myths: How Bad is Power Washing Your Property?

December 23rd, 2019 in Power and Pressure Washing
Dispelling Myths: How Bad is Power Washing Your Property?

There is a common myth that power washing is bad for your house, specifically the siding or roof. While there may be some truth in certain circumstances, it is not true for all. We will be looking at different exterior siding and examining this myth.

Is power washing bad for cedar siding?

Cedar siding can be damaged by power washing if it is not done correctly. Wood, especially cedar, is prone to chipping if too much pressure is applied. However, cedar siding can be power washed without damage when done correctly. This requires specific technique, as well as lower pressure. This is often best left to professionals.

Is power washing bad for concrete?

Concrete is definitely stronger than cedar, but it can be chipped if improperly power washed. Too much pressure can cause small pieces of concrete to break off, which could lead to even more damage. Again, similar to cedar siding, proper technique and pressure allows concrete to be carefully power washed.

Is power washing bad for vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is quite durable and difficult to damage from power washing. It is usually fairly resistant, even at high pressures. If it has pre-existing cracks or damage, however, these can be made worse by pressure washing, so care to avoid these areas is required.

Is power washing bad for your roof?

Roofs are quite delicate and can be easily damaged. Asphalt shingles can be damaged if high pressure is used. Soft-washing techniques, done by a professional, can be an effective way to clean moss, dirt and algae off of your roof.

Power washing, when done correctly, is not bad for your property. However, this myth has arisen due to the fact that many people attempt power washing themselves, and this is what results in damage. Trust a reputable company such as Always Clean to make sure your home is properly, and safely, cleaned.