Do Natural Stone Walls Require Special Cleaning and Maintenance?

September 24th, 2019 in Power and Pressure Washing
Do Natural Stone Walls Require Special Cleaning and Maintenance

Natural stone exterior walls are a beautiful addition to any building, adding natural beauty and modern elegance. One commonly asked question with regards to exterior cleaning involves proper natural stone walls care. How should natural stone walls be properly cleaned and maintained?

How to Clean Natural Stone Walls

As natural stone ages, it is common that it begins to darken and look blemished. Fear not, as it is possible to return natural stone to its previous splendor. This exterior caretaking task should be approached properly though, as improper cleaning can actually damage the natural stone.

Many homeowners may be tempted to reach for the pressure washer and begin to blast away. This could be a huge mistake, as improper technique can not only chip away at the stone, but also damage the mortar. Cleaning natural stone walls should be carried out with proper power washing technique, using the correct pressure and water temperature. You will also want to avoid some cleaning agents, as certain detergents and solutions may damage the stone. Stick with specialized natural stone cleaners that are specifically designed to clean the stone.

Proper Natural Stone Wall Maintenance

Once your natural stone walls are cleaned, taking care of it should become a regular part of your property maintenance. Depending on the stone you have, a proper sealant could be applied to help keep water from soaking in, and mold and mildew from growing on the surface. Try your best to keep dirt and grime away from the stone, but if it does make its way to it, a light brush and wash with a hose is usually enough to keep it looking new and clean.

Natural stone walls are a great addition to any building, but do require some special cleaning and maintenance compared to other siding options. If your natural stone is not looking its best, Always Clean is able to make sure it is cleaned correctly.