Does a Commercial Property Near the Waterfront Require Special Maintenance?

April 19th, 2023 in Property Maintenance
Does a Commercial Property Near the Waterfront Require Special Maintenance

Commercial property near the waterfront can be tricky and complicated to both build and maintain. While structures near the waterfront are a dream of many people, repairing a building near the waterfront can be more complicated and labor intensive than properties not near the waterfront.

There are some fundamental waterfront factors to consider. Here are some of the important factors you need to consider about maintaining a commercial structure near a waterfront.

1. Pollution

Any buildings that extend near the water are under numerous regulations. Lack of research on these laws can cause you regrettable consequences. Make sure that maintenance on the property is not adding pollutants to the water or shoreline. 

2. Sewer and water

Hopefully, a commercial property near the waterfront is connected to a city sewer system. If your building has a septic system it's crucial to know the current condition, as potential problems can create a pollution problem (see #1).

In any case, water from the ocean or a lake can cause considerable wear and tear on the building (see #3), and you can also have ongoing drainage issues. 

3. Weathering of materials

Commercial property near the waterfront requires more than usual maintenance because of the ongoing effects of water and wind on the structure. Furthermore, the durability of waterfront building materials can vary by a huge margin.

Saltwater regions are prone to corrosion on all outside structures, and indoors, there will be an ongoing humidity problem. Roofs, siding, and fences or anything exposed to the ocean will wear down quickly compared to the same material inland.

Commercial property near the water should have ongoing maintenance performed by professionals to ensure that the right materials are used in the most cost efficient manner. Property on the water is beautiful, but everything from plantings to structures will require year-round attention and maintenance.

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