Does Periodic Cleaning Help Avoid or Detect Window Leaks?

March 21st, 2020 in Window Cleaning
Does Periodic Cleaning Help Avoid or Detect Window Leaks

Periodic window cleaning in Vancouver or Surrey is important in keeping your windows clear and looking their best. While this alone is a great reason to keep up a regular maintenance schedule, there is another, lesser known benefit. Periodic cleaning actually helps to avoid or detect window leaks.

Hidden Water Leaks

Water damage is a serious risk, especially in the rainy Vancouver climate. Many people are unaware that some windows may have hidden water leaks. These are leaks that have no clear, visible signs, as the water leaks behind the walls. This can have severe implications, as the water can not only cause rot and structural damage, but also pose as a health risk because of mold growth.

Detecting Window Leaks

As part of regular window cleaning and maintenance, a professional will not only clean your windows, but also do a visual inspection to look for signs of leaking. This should include looking for any gaps in the frame around the window which water could be entering. Further, the inspection will include looking for any cracking in the caulking, and signs of window cracks and wear.

Some window leak issues, such as damaged or cracked caulking can be fixed fairly easily. Other more serious problems may require replacement of the window itself. Having an inspection done during regular cleaning helps to determine if there is a problem before the other signs emerge. Knowing there is a leak before other areas of your home or building become damaged can save thousands in repair costs.

So not only do you get clean windows, but you also get peace of mind knowing your windows are sealed and functioning as expected.