Does Power Washing Help Sanitize a Shopping Centre Exterior?

April 28th, 2021 in Power and Pressure Washing
Does Power Washing Help Sanitize a Shopping Centre Exterior

Yes, power washing will help sanitize the exterior of a shopping centre or the exterior of any other building. Power washing will not totally sanitize the exterior, but it will help to sanitize it.

Power Washing

Power washing is using water under pressure in a spray to clean surfaces. Power washing is highly effective at removing any kind of dirt from a solid surface in short order.

What is Sanitizing?

Sanitizing is removing some microorganisms or pathogens from a surface. Sterilizing means removing all the microorganisms.

Since power washing removes all removable dirt from a surface, then it will definitely remove a lot of microorganisms. Power washing will not remove all of these microorganisms, but it will remove a lot of them along with everything else that is on the surface of a structure.

While you are power washing the exterior of your shopping centre, you are making it look a hundred times better, performing necessary regular maintenance, and helping to sanitize it, which is important during a pandemic.

It’s also easier for a surface to stay cleaner if it is clean to begin with. As dirt starts to build up on surfaces, an uneven surface is created which makes it easier for more dirt to latch on. After power washing, you are back to smooth clean surface underneath.

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