Five Tips for Winter-Proofing Your Curb Appeal

October 27th, 2019 in Property Maintenance
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As winter quickly approaches now is the time to begin to prepare for the onslaught of cold, rain, and perhaps even snow that will come with it. Whether you have a residential home or a commercial property, exterior caretaking before winter is very important, not only as regular property maintenance, but also to ensure your property looks good all winter long. Here are some tips for winter-proofing your curb appeal.

Get Your Siding Cleaned

To keep your building looking its best all winter, start out by making sure it’s siding is clean. Dirt and grime can build up, so having a professional power wash it clean will not only help it look better, but increase its longevity.

Window Cleaning

Of course, having clean siding also means making sure that your windows are clean. Having clean, streak-free windows not only increase curb-appeal, but also allow you to have a perfect view.

Gutter Cleaning

Having your gutters cleaned not only helps for your building to look better, but also makes sure that they can function as intended during the rainy winter season. Gutters need to be clear to make sure that water can be carried away and does not pool where you don’t want it.

Driveway Cleaning

Now is also the perfect time to have your driveway or lot pressure washed. Removal of dirt and debris will help for your concrete or other surface to look it’s best.

Parking Lines Painted

Finally, if you have a commercial building you may notice your parking spot lines are not looking their best. The dark, rainy days of winter can make this an even bigger issue, making it difficult for people to see the lines. Having new lines painted will not only look good, but keep your visitors safe.

Follow these 5 winter tips to make sure your property is ready for winter, and will look its best. Always Clean is available to help you with all this and more.