How Do I Wash Windows in Winter?

November 26th, 2019 in Window Cleaning
How Do I Wash Windows in Winter?

Windows do not wait for a specific season to be dirty, nor do they need a specific time to be cleaned. Dirt can happen at anytime, whether it is the dry dust of summer, or the wet grime of the winter. If your windows are dirty, they need a thorough window washing. So how should you go about cleaning your windows should they need it during the winter time?

Interior Window Washing

Windows get dirty on both the inside and the outside. Cleaning the interior of a window is a fairly simple and straightforward task. Simple wipe away any grime or debris that may have accumulated or settle in the tracks and grooves, and use a window cleaning solution and paper towel to carefully wipe the window itself clean.

Exterior Window Washing

Cleaning the exterior of the windows can be a much more challenging task, especially in the winter months. First, if there are any windows that are high and out of reach, you need a method to safely reach these. If the ground is frozen, this could prove challenging as conditions may make ladder use unsafe. In addition, water may freeze when it comes into contact with the window, so cleaners that have a very low freezing point should be used.

It is also important not to use hot water on very cold windows, as this could crack them. Using cold water is also not a good idea, as it will leave streaks and be less likely to wash away debris. Warm water is best for window cleaning during the cold winter months.

Keeping your windows clean is an important piece of home or building maintenance in all months, as clean windows not only make the building look better, but give the occupants a better view. If you prefer to have someone get your windows clean and streak free for you, then contact Always Clean today.