How do You Wash Windows at High Elevations?

August 25th, 2019 in Window Cleaning
How do You Wash Windows at High Elevations

Whether you have a two-story home or a six-story apartment complex, it can be difficult to properly reach and clean those high elevation windows. This chore should be done once or twice a year to keep them looking their best, and giving the occupants a clear view. It can be tricky work to reach the exterior of these windows, but here are some suggestions on how to wash windows at high elevations.

Find a Safe Method to Reach Them

Probably the most difficult part of cleaning these exterior windows is reaching them. This can be easy or difficult depending on the height and positioning of the windows. For most two-story windows, you may be able to reach them with a long-handled squeegee, or a sturdy ladder, or even a combination of these two.

Some long-handled squeegees are even available in telescoping poles of over 20 feet. This is a great way to be able to reach very high windows or avoid using a ladder which can be more dangerous.

Where it can get more difficult is when even with a ladder and long squeegee, the windows are still too high to reach or in a difficult to reach spot. For these windows, you may need the services of a professional, who can bring in a specialized long-handled scrub brush that is also able to deliver cleaning chemicals and water right to the window. For very high elevation windows, the use of a boom lift may also be an option.

What is important is making sure that you stick with a soft wash cleaning method, and do not try and pressure wash the windows to clean them. Using a squeegee or microfibre cleaning cloth and soft washing chemical means that you do not risk damaging the glass, and are able to safely kill and remove dirt and organic growth.

If you have windows at high elevations, it may be best to leave them for professional window cleaning. Always Clean offers soft wash window washing that will have them looking new and clean in no time.