How Many Times Per Year Should I Clean My Gutters?

November 27th, 2020 in Gutter Cleaning
How Many Times Per Year Should I Clean My Gutters?

It’s tiresome but every homeowner has to do it. Your gutters must be kept clean from debris, dust, birds’ nests, and leaves. Cleaning your gutters is very important regular maintenance when it comes to owning a house.

Unclean gutters can cause many challenges and expensive repairs. Let’s explain a few of them here.

Mold and leaky gutters

If you fail to clean the gutters, the first challenge you will face is that your gutters will hold standing water. This will be a breeding place not just for mould, but for algae, mosquitoes, and various other microorganisms. Mould can cause health problems if it gets inside your home. It is also not so easy to remove if your gutters of full of it, so it’s recommended to stop the mould before it starts.

Furthermore, standing water is hard on the gutters and the seals that hold them together. Your gutters will work better and last longer if they don’t have standing water for days or weeks on end.

Leaking basements and roofs

If you don’t clean your gutters your roof may start leaking. Water that stagnates in the gutters can cause a lot of damage to your home. In the winter that standing water can cause an ice dam which can damage your roof. Water getting into your home affects its structural integrity.

The times you should clean your gutters

Many professionals recommend cleaning the gutters at least twice per year. Once in the late summer and another one in the late spring.

If you have trees growing above your home, consider cleaning the gutters after every three months. The reason for this is because evergreen and coniferous trees will shed some leaves and needles regularly.

If you live at a high altitude then cold temperatures make you more prone to ice, your biggest worry, so you should check your roof weekly.

Don’t teeter on a ladder out in the rain to clean your gutters. Clean them when it’s safe and dry, or call professionals like us to do it for you.

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