How Often Do I Have to Clean the Window Frames?

September 20th, 2021 in Window Cleaning
How Often Do I Have to Clean the Window Frames

Do window frames need cleaning? How often should they be cleaned?

Ideally, you should have your window frames cleaned as often as you have your windows washed. Why? Because your window frames are just as exposed to the elements as your windows are. Leaving them out could lead to problems like algae, stains, damage and the loss of curb appeal associated with your home. Therefore they need to be a part of your regular window washing routine.

It’s easy to tell when your windows need cleaning. Dust and dirt build up on the surface and become noticeable. Before long it starts obscuring your view. Window frames, on the other hand, are out of sight from the inside. However, they have just as much dust and dirt building up on them. They are exposed regularly to rain and moisture which can make them grimy and turn them into a breeding ground for algae and mildew.  Algae and mildew, if left long enough, cause staining and deterioration depending on the underlying and surrounding surfaces.

Dirty window frames won’t be noticeable when you’re looking out your windows, but they will be when you, your neighbours, or anyone else is looking at your house or business. It adds an unkempt and uncared-for look overall. It really brings down the effect of having otherwise sparkling clean windows!

So next time you’re scheduling window washing, make sure to include window frame cleaning as well. Generally speaking, a couple of times a year is enough to keep your windows and frames looking fresh. If you live near a busy roadway, a construction site, or near the coast, adding another cleaning or two should be enough to keep up with the extra airborne debris.