How Often to Pressure Wash or Power Wash a Commercial Building

June 23rd, 2023 in Power and Pressure Washing
How Often to Pressure Wash or Power Wash a Commercial Building

Experienced commercial building owners and managers know the secret to keeping their buildings in ideal condition is to pressure wash and power wash the exterior at least twice a year. This applies to strata buildings, rental buildings, townhouse complexes, office buildings and more.

A bi-annual, spring and fall cleaning schedule produces a number of benefits you’ll want to know about. For instance, algae won’t have a chance to grow. Dirt and grime won’t build up. Damage to exterior surfaces will be reduced. All this helps to maintain a professional look all year round.

Pressure wash twice a year to see these benefits

  • Destroy organic growths like algae and mould

  • Prevent dirt and grime from building up

  • Reduce damage to exterior structures and surfaces

  • Exude professionalism and exceptional curb appeal year-round.

Organic growths, ie. algae

Our damp climate is a haven for organic growths. Blown by the wind, algae, mould, moss and lichen spores are ready to latch on to any suitable surfaces, including wood (painted or unpainted), vinyl, aluminum, brick or stone. They need moisture, so they’re most likely found on shaded walls and north-facing surfaces that don’t dry out as much.

These substances damage exteriors by causing unsightly stains that are hard to remove. Building exteriors with stains look dingy, unkempt, and uncared-for. Even if the buildings themselves are in excellent condition, they won’t give that impression to anyone.

Keep on top of pressure washing away these substances before they get a foothold! Algae grows quickly in warm and wet weather like we have right now. And remember that algae grows over winter. Therefore a twice-a-year cleaning schedule is necessary to keep it under control.

While you’re taking care of your buildings, it’s worth noting the condition of the walkways and sidewalks around your property. These too harbour organic growths which become slippery and dangerous for residents, patients, employees and visitors. Ask a professional maintenance team to power wash all walking surfaces at the same time they are pressure washing your buildings. This will brighten them up and they’ll be clean and safe for everyone. 

Dirt and Grime

Another big contributor that lowers commercial building aesthetics is dirt and grime. Walls that look dull and shabby come across as run down or in decline. Colours become more drab. There’s no doubt it discourages people from investigating what you have to offer any further. For those already committed, like patients, renters and employees, the negative effects go further when substances like pollen start to collect on your buildings. Either way, dirty surfaces don’t inspire confidence or make people feel good.

Spring and fall are the perfect times to pressure wash strata buildings and office complexes. A clean environment gives people pride about where they live or work. Your reputation will shine just like your buildings. Don’t forget: get the windows done as well! All that extra light and clear views really makes a difference.

Additionally, if you happen to have construction going on nearby, it helps to fit in another cleaning to lift the extra dirt and dust a work zone kicks up. Along the same lines, you can schedule a pressure washing after a major storm too. A lot of dirt and debris gets blown around during those events which can leave your building the worse for wear. A professional property maintenance company will help you tailor an appropriate cleaning schedule for your needs and location.

Reduce Damage

Building exteriors that have surface built-up, whether it’s dirt, pollen, algae or other organic matter, are more prone to damage. These substances hold extra moisture and attract pests. Additionally, bird droppings should not be ignored. Besides the fact they’re incredibly unsightly, they’re also quite damaging. Uric acid levels in droppings are high, so they are capable of etching paint, rusting metal and eating away at concrete. These effects get worse when the droppings get wet due to chemical reactions.

Always Clean Maintenance teams ensure all droppings are completely removed, as well as organic compounds, dust, dirt and pollen. Also, clogged gutters attract birds and pests like mosquitoes. We are happy to take care of cleaning and unclogging your gutters to make sure water washes safely away from foundations and nothing lives up there.

Look professional and exude confidence

How do you feel when you get something brand new? Or when you detail your car? Give yourself or your home a makeover? It feels good! Fills you with pride! It’s the same for other people when they see your freshly cleaned buildings. Surfaces shine, windows sparkle, colours are vibrant. It makes people feel good. They rightly assume the owner cares about their properties and by extension the people who make use of them. Your brand will leave an impression! So the next time they’re looking for a place to live or work and your name comes up, they’ll remember that feeling and want to be a part of it.

So take the advice of experts and have an experienced maintenance team pressure wash and power wash your commercial properties twice a year–spring and fall. Your buildings will look professional and inspire confidence all year-round.

Oh, and one more reason to ensure you get your buildings cleaned in the spring at the very least. A lot of building repairs happen over the summer months when the weather is nice. Have your buildings pressure washed and ready to go in preparation. A good cleaning might also discover underlying issues you need to know about!

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