How Professional Property Maintenance Helps in Prolonging the Lifespan of Commercial Properties

March 21st, 2023 in Property Maintenance
How Professional Property Maintenance Helps in Prolonging the Lifespan of Commercial Properties

Most of us have personal experience leaving cleaning or maintenance until ‘sometime later’. It’s understandable. After all, it’s not a job anyone really wants to do. But when we finally get around to dealing with it, we find it’s become a much bigger job than it was initially because deterioration has begun or gotten worse. Ugh.

Losses are generally recoverable on a small scale, but when it comes to commercial property maintenance, losses quickly add up to thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The scale of commercial buildings is just so much larger! Supermarkets, warehouses, strip malls, retail outlets, hospitals, strats and condos cover a lot of area physically. They require a lot of different kinds of care. It would be impossible for one person or an inexperienced crew to tackle.

To really get a job like this done correctly and prolong the lifespan of commercial properties, you need the help of a professional property maintenance team.

Let’s take a closer look at how the diligent work of  professionals like Always Clean Maintenance helps commercial properties last longer, reducing the need for major repairs and saving you money.

How professional property maintenance prolongs commercial property lifespans

  • Removes substances that cause deterioration

  • Removes substances that accelerate deterioration

  • Clear away buildup that increases fire risk

  • Clear away buildup that causes gutter drainage systems to fail

There are a number of property maintenance tasks that directly address the above concerns with the goal of improving the durability of commercial property surfaces. This results in needing fewer major repairs–a significant savings over the lifetime of a property.  Here are a few examples of how these tasks help.

Power washing and pressure washing

Pressure washing uses a high-pressure stream of water to wash away organic material. Bird droppings, algae, mold, mildew, lichen, dirt and pollen collect on exterior surfaces like siding, railings, pillars, waste receptacles and retaining walls. 

These substances can be acidic in the case of droppings, or can work their way into pores, cracks and crevices and trap water in them. In freezing weather, this water turns to ice and expands, making cracks wider. They inevitably cause long-term deterioration. It’s crucial to preserve the integrity of original surfaces by washing away these exterior substances that cause harm.

In cases where deterioration has already occurred, it is critical to remove rot immediately to prevent it from advancing. Small spot repairs are vastly cheaper to perform than having to replace structural elements. Pressure washing is a sure way to remove rotted sections so an area can be accessed and addressed.

Power washing achieves the same result of cleaning away harmful substances but uses hot water to tackle tougher oil and grease. These substances come from parking lots and are tracked in on walkways. Ensuring the cleanliness of your entire property exterior helps everything stay clean for longer periods of time.

Besides making an exterior look great, pressure washing or power washing are also used to prepare surfaces for repainting. Removing dirt and old paint presents a clean canvas for a new preparation.

Window cleaning

You probably know that glass is porous. Therefore  it is capable of absorbing things from its environment. That means anything that flies through the air and lands on your window–dirt, dust, pollution, salt water spray from the ocean–will affect the glass. Over time, dirty windows get cloudier and are prone to etching because of their porous nature. This doesn’t just lower their energy efficiency, it makes them permanently dingy. They also become more brittle and likely to shatter. On most commercial buildings, that’s a lot of windows to replace!

We recommend a twice-yearly window-washing schedule to keep your property’s windows in top-notch shape and crystal clear.

Landscape maintenance

An important aspect of professional property maintenance is keeping green areas free from debris. Leaves, twigs, dead branches, overgrown hedges and leaves are fire hazards. And considering the sweltering heat waves of the last couple of years, including the burning of Lytton, BC, it’s become critical to manage the surrounding threat of fire to reduce damage to commercial properties.

Additionally, regular cleanup creates an inhospitable place for vermin and pests to make a home. Combining this service with garbage maintenance acts as a deterrent to reduce damage from rodents and other animals as they won’t be attracted to live on your property.

Gutter cleaning 

A clogged gutter can be a nightmare for large commercial properties. Any rooftop drainage system that backs up can create a lot of damage, particularly if it goes unnoticed for awhile or is neglected. Water can unknowingly seep in under roofs and into walls and start doing damage before it’s detected. Damage shows up as toxic mould or weakened structures. Both put employees, visitors and customers at risk. It’s far cheaper to have your gutters cleaned twice a year than to have to tear down and replace structures, or pay off claims.

These are just a few examples of how commercial property maintenance makes a difference in prolonging the life of commercial properties which saves a lot of money.

Look for a qualified team of professionals to regularly go over your property to make sure it stays in top shape and looks great!

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