Importance of Proper Landscape Maintenance to Enhance the Appearance and Functionality of a Property

May 17th, 2023 in Property Maintenance
Importance of Proper Landscape Maintenance to Enhance the Appearance and Functionality of a Property

Proper landscape maintenance to enhance the appearance and functionality of your property is important. That’s because of the sheer number of benefits that come with it.

Benefits of proper landscape maintenance

  • Beautiful grounds get people talking

  • Effective word-of-mouth advertising

  • People feel safe

  • Prevention saves money

Now, when we talk about benefits, many of us are wired to look for immediate gains. And having exquisitely manicured lawns and gardens is instantly promotional. After all, landscape is one of the first things people notice and judgement takes only seconds. Nice-looking grounds sway people to stop in and take a peak. Because, they think, if this much care has gone into the outside, the inside must be pretty fantastic as well! So, pruned hedges, well-maintained garden beds and leaf clean up in the fall undeniably add curb appeal to your property. But it also gets people talking about you.

How important is this? Well, the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising should not be underestimated. In fact, word-of-mouth is much more effective than traditional marketing. This has been found to be true across generations. People trust the words of their friends and families over anything else.

While this form of advertising is generally associated with actual products, it also applies to outdoor presentation, image, and aesthetics. I know, because I grew up in a place where a local property was famous for its immaculate lawn. People talked about this place all the time, including my family, my friends, the people I worked with and people I didn’t know. I imagine it inspired some to take the trip just to see it in person. I know if people were in the area, they would take time to appreciate it, including me.

Proper landscape maintenance gets people talking about you. It gets people coming to check it out for themselves. It keeps your property in people's minds and mouths as they go about their work days and weekend get-togethers. That’s fantastic! It gives you a big leg-up on your competition.

So, ‘maintain it and they will come’.

Now let’s look at the effect on functionality and how this saves you a lot money.

Firstly, lawns and gardens that are well-cared for are safer for people to be around. Professional companies like Always Clean Maintenance remove debris that could be tripping hazards, including sticks and branches on the ground. We trim back hedges and remove any damage we find. We leave the whole areas looking pristine to the human eye, and inhospitable to rodents and other pests looking for a home.

Leaf clean-up in the fall adds a couple of measures of safety. Leaf litter hides potential tripping hazards and is itself a slipping hazard, especially in our wet climate. Wet leaves are also a perfect breeding ground for mould which can trigger allergic reactions in your customers and staff. When dry, it’s a fire hazard to have all the combustible material blown up against your buildings. Leaf clean-up is a huge job, especially on a commercial property, so it's wise to leave that to the experts.

If you have outdoor patios and benches, maintaining a clean, scenic area around them encourages people to use them. Seeing lots of people outside enjoying the surroundings makes your place look busy, safe and inviting to others.

It also helps if the paths and lighting in and around your property are also well-kept and in good condition. People won’t have a thing to worry about and can focus on partaking of your services.

Lastly, prevention saves more time and money than repair and/or replacement. That said, it can be hard to do something before it looks like it needs doing. But it’s worth it. Schedule landscape maintenance tasks with a reputable company like Always Clean Maintenance. All the necessary jobs will be taken care of automatically and on time, leaving you to focus on growing your business.

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