Is Mid-December Too Late for a Business to Decorate for Christmas?

December 5th, 2021 in Exterior Caretaking
Is Mid-December Too Late for a Business to Decorate for Christmas

The holiday season is fast approaching, making some business owners wonder if mid-December is too late to decorate for Christmas. Rest assured it is not. In fact, it might even be appreciated by a few. However, the sooner in December you can at least get your lights up, the better. Because, while nativity scenes, Santa, elves and trees are certainly festive, it's lighting that has a far bigger effect.

Seasonal lighting is a fantastic way to draw attention to your business. It's inviting and cheery and makes people happy. It’s especially effective at this time of year for drawing customers in putting them in a shopping mood.

For many people, viewing the pretty twinkle and warm glow of Christmas lights is a time-honoured, treasured, must-do activity. They take the family on special trips to “see the lights” and will encourage friends, co-workers, even other shoppers to check out their favourite spots.

Installing seasonal lighting will get people noticing, talking, and taking pictures. Add to that the influence of social media and the spread can be huge. It increases the opportunity for people to come check out your business and show-and-tell others about “the gorgeous lights”.

Whether you choose to install seasonal lights or not, ensure all your regular lights are in good working order. In December, when the days are short and the dark sets in early, lighting maintenance is especially important for safety as well as good cheer. Businesses that are brightly lit are far more appealing and welcoming to customers and passers-by.

Always Clean Maintenance changes out burnt bulbs and installs seasonal lighting to ensure your property is well lit, keeping it safe, easily viewable from the street, and festive during the holidays.