Is There An Advantage to Cleaning Your Gutters After the Rain is Gone?

February 25th, 2020 in Gutter Cleaning
Is There An Advantage to Cleaning Your Gutters After the Rain is Gone

Cleaning out dirty gutters is nobody’s idea of a great time, but it is an important job that needs to be done as part of regular property maintenance. Often once the rains are gone and sun is out, we tend to forget about our gutters - which can be a huge mistake.

During the dry months, at the end of the rainy season, it becomes easy to forget about our gutters, and they often remain neglected. However, it is during this time that dry leaves and other debris can build up in your gutter, in addition to any leftover debris and gunk from the previous rain season. This will often go unnoticed until that first big rainfall of the season, when your gutters will begin to overflow.

By cleaning your gutters after the rains are gone, you can ensure that they are ready to go when the rain returns. Far too many people out this off, and either end up with overflowing gutters or out in the rain and cold cleaning them. Not only is cleaning gutters in the rain an uncomfortable experience, but the water makes it more sleek and a more dangerous endeavour. It is also more difficult, as you will have wet, heavy, messy gunk to remove, instead of light, dry debris.

So yes, there are some advantages to cleaning your gutters after the rains are gone. Not only is it a more pleasant job, but you can rest easy knowing that when the rain returns, and it always does, you will have functioning gutters ready to lead water away from your home.

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