Preparing Your Parking Lot for Spring

February 17th, 2022 in Property Maintenance
Preparing Your Parking Lot for Spring

Parking lot lines painting is a key aspect of quality property maintenance. With the likelihood of more snow quickly diminishing, this is the ideal time to get started. Whether you own a commercial parking lot or have one attached to a strata or apartment building, spring represents the first opportunity to freshen-up chipped or fading lines and identifying logos.

Freshly painted lines are the polish that makes a lot stand out as well-cared-for. In addition to professional curb appeal, there are many reasons to apply or refresh the lines in your parking lot. For instance, they help to clearly identify your business area, as well as delineate individual stalls. Disability spots, directional markers and emergency vehicle parking are all easier to see, as are exits, entrances and reserved spots. Parking lot lines also increase safety and nighttime visibility. And they maximize the efficiency of the space available for parking.

Benefits of parking lot lines painting

  • Professional curb appeal
  • Clearly identify your business area
  • Delineate individual stalls, reserved spots
  • Identify disability spots, emergency vehicle parking
  • Show entrances, exits, directional markers
  • Increase safety, nighttime visibility
  • Maximize the efficiency of the space available for parking

What if things change and the old lines or logos no longer apply? No problem. They are easily painted over or blacked out. Specific colours can be custom-matched to the company palette. Traditional colours are available for city crosswalks, handicap symbols and emergency service lines and areas.

Get a jump on springtime property maintenance by having your parking lot lines touched up. You’ll increase your professional curb appeal, and your customers, employees and visitors will appreciate the enhanced visual cues.