Pressure Washing & Power Washing Are a Must for Your Commercial Property

October 23rd, 2022 in Power and Pressure Washing
Pressure Washing & Power Washing Are a Must for Your Commercial Property

Keeping your commercial property and parking lot areas clean reaps several benefits. For example, you’ll see reduced repair costs through the prevention of damage. Also, a clean aesthetic is itself, an advertisement, attracting and retaining customers and staff. And it maintains a safe and healthy environment for them.

These benefits hold true for many kinds of commercial properties like grocery stores, shopping centres, strip malls and parking lots.

Before we jump in, let’s go over the difference between pressure washing and power washing. Both utilise controlled, high-pressure water to clean.

  • Pressure washing uses cold water, which is good for blasting away substances like dirt, mud, grime, moss and mould. It can be used on wood, walls, sidewalks, patios, gutters, fencing, outdoor furniture, company vehicles and more.

  • Power washing utilises the same method of controlled, high-pressure water, but uses hot water instead. This is just what’s needed to remove grease and oils from surfaces like parking lots and parking garage floors. It’s also great for harder to remove or stubborn substances like dried gum, food or droppings.

The advantage of pressure washing and power washing vs. a strong arm and soapy brush is they are much faster and do a more thorough job. No one has time to clean a commercial property by hand.

Reasons for power washing and pressure washing

  • Prevent damage

  • Health

  • Safety

  • Aesthetics

Preventing damage

We all know when we leave things dirty for a long time, things get worse. It starts with staining, and steadily progresses toward corrosion and rot. Given the build-up of dirt, moisture and organic matter in our BC climate, it’s only a matter of time before deterioration advances. This is true for wood, brick, metal, concrete, etc. Periodically removing these substances greatly increases the longevity of the underlying material. Since repairs are more expensive than cleaning, the fewer times you have to fork out to fix things, the more you save.


We take our own health seriously so we wear the appropriate gear when cleaning your property. We understand that substances like dirt, oil, mould, mildew, pollution, pollen and bird droppings are not safe to continuously be around or be breathing in.

These are not things your customers and staff should be subjected to either. Many people have allergies to particles in the environment. It’s definitely not good for business when visitors or employees associate your property with sneezing, sniffling, coughing or other adverse health reactions.

Have us pressure wash your commercial exteriors to take care of these substances. Combine it with our other commercial property services like landscape maintenance and garbage removal to maintain a property-wide healthy environment.


It hardly needs saying that safety on your property is paramount. So this next issue is especially relevant, given that we’ve experienced a record-breaking drought this fall: Power Washing your parking lot is very important right now. 

The extended dry period over the last few months has led to a buildup of grease and oil on driving surfaces that has not washed away. Because of this, now that our typical rains have returned, commercial parking lots are more hazardous than usual. This translates into greater potential for more slips and falls for your customers.

With the weather turning colder and wetter, and with darkness coming earlier, more people will be heading inside to shopping centres and strip malls. Ensure they make it safely by hiring professionals like Always Clean Maintenace to power wash your parking lot. At the same time we can take care of your walkways and sidewalks and make sure all your lighting is working properly too.


People can’t help being attracted to a beautiful property. Bright and shiny surfaces, immaculate grounds, clear of debris, garbage and dirt are a delight to be around. Keeping a clean environment has the power to improve moods and create feelings of well-being. People become inclined to engage more, which, for commercial business like grocery stores and shopping malls, means spending more time and money in places that make them feel good.

Pressure washing might not seem like a big deal, but it matters. Have you seen those before-and-after videos showcasing the difference between a dirty surface transformed to like-new by pressure washing? There’s a reason they’re so popular.

Pressure washing away dirt, moss, mildew, algae–you name it–is not just satisfying, it’s noticeable! And the transformation is magical. You may think your property looks pretty ok right now. But we can make it cleaner and brighter. That will make people happy.

How often for power washing or pressure washing?

Cleaning your property twice a year is optimal. Once in the fall to clean away the dust, dirt, pollution and pollen buildup deposited over summer. Again in the spring to get rid of organic growths like algae, moss and mould, as well as sand and oil accumulated on driving surfaces over fall and winter. (Note: this is a good time to get your parking lot lines repainted too.)

Can you DIY?

All this talk about pressure washing and power washing might inspire you to rush out and get your own equipment and DIY. We suppose it can be done, but there may be regrets that lead you to wishing you had hired professionals instead.

Our equipment is expressly made for cleaning commercial properties. We know which cleaning solutions to use and how much pressure to use for different surfaces, which takes into consideration their condition. The expertise and experience we’ve accumulated doing this professionally for over 20 years enables us to be efficient, meticulous and thorough.

We at Always Clean Maintenance take pride in our work and enjoy solid business relationships with all our clients throughout the Greater Vancouver Region, the Fraser Valley, Chilliwack and Squamish! Talk to us about pressure washing and power washing your property and get a free quote. 604-789-1256