Property Maintenance and Fire Prevention

July 17th, 2021 in Property Maintenance
Property Maintenance and Fire Prevention

Summer marks the beginning of another dreaded fire season for Surrey and it’s not looking good. The lack of rain and extraordinary high temperatures due to the recent heat dome, have created an environment that is tinder dry. All it takes is one spark to lead to disastrous consequences.

For instance, on July 2nd, a large grass fire consumed an entire acre of field in Cloverdale. Thankfully no one was hurt and there were no structures nearby to burn, but it was a good reminder of two things. One, is just how fast a fire spreads, and two, property maintenance is super important right now.

Much of fire prevention is about minimizing risk, therefore there are a number of things a property maintenance team can do to lessen the chance of a fire taking hold and running wild.

All dead brush, needles, leaves and debris on the ground need to be cleaned from spaces around buildings, under hedges and trees, and anywhere they accumulate on the property. Grass should be mowed and watered (where water restrictions allow). Leaf litter, twigs and other loose organic matter needs to be removed from roofs and gutters. Shrubs and trees should be pruned and all dead and damaged branches removed.

Property maintenance steps for fire prevention

  • Remove dead brush, needles, leaves and debris on the ground
  • Clear leaf litter, twigs and organic matter from roofs and gutters
  • Mow and water the grass
  • Prune shrubs and trees

Taking these steps will reduce the risk of brush fires and grass fires spreading around your property and growing into something worse. Enjoy a more stress-free summer knowing your property is better protected and always looks great!