Rainfall and Falling Leaves Make Gutter Inspections and Cleanup a Priority

October 30th, 2018 in Gutter Cleaning
Rainfall and Falling Leaves Make Gutter Inspections and Cleanup a Priority

Autumn has come to the lower mainland in full force. The mornings are crisp, the grass is dewy, and the leaves are turning colour and falling to the ground. As beautiful as they may look, the falling leaves can wreak havoc on your home’s gutter systems and should be cleaned up to avoid creating further issues for your home.

Before the temperatures start to drop below freezing, gutters should be completely cleared of any debris. If gutters and downspouts become clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris then damage can be caused to your gutter system and your home. As debris and water gets caught in your eavestroughs and freezes, the eavestrough can become overloaded and become damaged.

Debris in your gutter system can also cause further damage to your home when water fails to get through the system and backs up onto the roof or pools on a deck.

Screen guards can be installed to help avoid debris entering the gutter system, but even in this case you should take the time to clear debris off of the screen system to ensure that they do not weight on the gutters, or enter the holes in the screen and cause blockages.

As we come into the winter months, it is important to spend some time caring for your gutter system to keep your home safe and functional. A clean gutter system will be able to properly do its job, and keep the water clear from your roof and home.