Seasonal Changes to Your Maintenance Routine Schedule

August 17th, 2023 in Property Maintenance
Seasonal Changes to Your Maintenance Routine Schedule

Both commercial property maintenance and residential property maintenance play vitally important roles in keeping our buildings and grounds not just safe and sound, but looking great all year round.

Some of that cleaning and maintenance work is fairly routine and takes place throughout the year. For instance, window washing, landscape maintenance, taking care of signage, ensuring lights are working, tidying garbage areas, etc. However, seasonal weather conditions make some jobs a higher priority at particular times of the year.

Seasonal property maintenance priorities


Spring is an important time to do some cleaning. Gutters will need to be rid of leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris blown about by the wind all winter. A free-flowing gutter system is your best bet to avoid water damage during our rainy spring.

Additionally, now that the ice and snow is no more, your parking lot lines could use some love. Ploughs and salt inevitably cause fading, chipping and other damage. Have your favourite commercial property maintenance team come out to repaint the line, logos, entrances, exits, and more, in preparation for a busy summer!


Gutter cleaning should be done in the fall after the trees have shed their leaves. All that extra debris can lead to clogs very quickly. This is also a good time to pressure wash your buildings and powerwash your sidewalks to get rid of summer dirt–especially if there was construction work nearby. This helps get rid of clinging algae spores before they can establish a foothold over the rainy season/winter.

Also, fall landscape maintenance to remove leaves is important at this time of year. Raking leaves, trimming hedges, and removing twigs, branches and debris reduces fire risk on your property, as well as making it safer for people to move around the grounds. A professional manicure is also very eye-catching!

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