The Importance of Proper Garbage Maintenance in a Commercial Property

July 29th, 2019 in Exterior Caretaking
The Importance of Proper Garbage Maintenance in a Commercial Property

Part of complete commercial property maintenance is proper garbage maintenance. While proper waste management is not often top of mind, neglect could result in serious consequences. Here are some of the reasons why proper garbage maintenance is important in a commercial property.

Environmental Considerations

Waste that is not properly handled can have all sorts of environmental impacts. Toxic materials may leak into the ground, poisoning the environment and even seeping into soil and water resources, causing further damage and harm to people. Any potentially harmful substances should be separated and dealt with properly. A properly maintained garbage disposal system should have separate bins for hazardous materials, normal garbage, recyclables, paper, and organics.

Fines and Penalties

According to a 2017 Vancouver Sun article, over $213 000 in penalties were assessed to waste management companies for dumping banned items and substances into waste facilities. These companies will pass these fees along to their clients, and may even drop clients who continuously add things to their garbage that should not be. There are also a plethora of municipality penalties and fines that can be charged to commercial entities should they be found to be neglecting their waste management program. Avoid the costly consequences by properly maintaining your garbage.

Property Safety and Appeal

Finally, proper garbage maintenance is vital to the appeal and safety of a commercial property. A properly maintained garbage area with help a commercial building to look more appealing. A clean, organized area will also be safer for those needing to access it, and prevent unwanted guests such as rats and other rodents from making an appearance.

Proper garbage maintenance is extremely important for commercial properties. If your property is in need of a clean up, contact Always Clean for your commercial property maintenance