Thinking Ahead: Cleaning the Halloween Mess

October 26th, 2020 in Property Maintenance
Thinking Ahead: Cleaning the Halloween Mess

Halloween is a great festive time of the year! On this day, many are filled with joy, fantasy, magic, and fun. Halloween has its dark side which can result in a lot of mess if the day is not properly planned. There may be parties, drinking, and plenty to clean up.

This blog will give you comprehensive information on how you are supposed to clean up the messes before you have to face them.

Cleaning Up Pumpkin Smells and Mess

You should lay out some newspapers to lessen the mess on your counter. The good thing about newspapers you can dispose them after you have prepared your carving. You roll up the mess and dispose it in your garbage. If there is any pumpkin residue on the counter you can clean it up with wipe cleaner and spray. Some people save, clean, roast, and eat the seeds.

Removing messes from costume makeup and greasepaint

Costume makeup is commonly oil-based so you must have a product like an industrial stain remover to eliminate it out of the carpet. Pour out a little bit of product on the carpet and allow it to spread for two to five minutes. Using a carpet brush, dab the spot a few times. The makeup should come out of the carpet by this time.

Remove any stains left behind by chocolate

If you get the stains of chocolate on your carpet or couch scrape it away. You can do this using a brush, and tamping it gently. Once it is saturated use a piece of cloth to remove the stain. At this point, it should wick away.

How to clean up other liquids

For indoors, the straight-forward way to clean up random liquids is by using a spill absorbent. This turns any liquid mess into a solid for easy removal. You can sweep up the gelled mess. Hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner is the best to remove any residual stains of body fluids.

If the problem is outside, try using a hose and/or power washer to clean up any mess.

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