What are the Challenges of Seaside Property Maintenance?

September 26th, 2018 in Property Maintenance
What are the Challenges of Seaside Property Maintenance

the Challenges of Seaside Property Maintenance

Homes along the seashore are highly sought after due to their exclusivity and the beauty of their surroundings. However enjoyable the setting of living beside the ocean may be, the close proximity of your home to the sea water offers some challenges that need to be cared for when it comes to home maintenance.

Because of the increased moisture and salt content in the air, additional wear and tear is likely to happen on a home that is next to the water. This will affect nearly every part of a home including anything made of metal, wood, or cement – and can shorten the lifespan of these materials if not cared for properly.

It is also important to consider that a seaside house is likely built on either a steep cliff, or a flat sandy spot. Both of these types of land are difficult to build on, and may create some additional challenges with the maintenance of the home.

Homeowners who live by the sea tend to love their lifestyle for a number of reasons. Usually at the top of that list is the beautiful views and close proximity to nature that the setting provides. Seaside homes tend to be quieter, and more exclusive as seaside properties are in short-supply.

Those that love ocean-side living should be prepared that their home will require extra maintenance, especially on areas of the home with exposed wood, metal, and concrete where moist salty air will erode the home’s structure over time.