What is the Best Way to De-Ice a Large Sidewalk?

November 27th, 2018 in Property Maintenance
What is the Best Way to De-Ice a Large Sidewalk?

What is the best way to de-ice a large sidewalk?

Follow these helpful winter tips to keep your sidewalks clear of ice and snow.

Keep sidewalk clear of snow
Apply Ice Remover Early
Choose the Right Product:
Clay cat litter
Beware of chemical de-icers

With winter right around the corner, business and home owners alike need to start considering how best to stay on top of keeping their sidewalks clear of any snow and ice. To avoid anyone slipping on icy sidewalks, we have accumulated a few great tips to help you to keep your sidewalks clear.

  1. Shovel
    The first step to keeping your sidewalk clear of ice is to make sure that the sidewalk is kept clear of snow. When snow is walked on frequently, it quickly becomes slippery ice. Ensure you are clearing your sidewalks in a timely manner after a snowfall.
  2. Apply Ice Remover Early
    In most cases, it is a good idea to apply an ice remover (such as salt) before a snowfall to help avoid the buildup of snow and ice. This method will also mean you don’t need to use as much de-icer as you would if you were treating the ice after the storm.
  3. Choose the Right Product
    Salt is most commonly used to de-ice sidewalks. Some chemicals that help to remove ice may be harmful to animals and plants – therefore it is important to carefully consider what you are using to de-ice. Some other common types of de-icer include sand or clay cat litter.

It is important to be sure that you are removing snow and ice from a sidewalk promptly after a snow storm. In some municipalities, not removing the snow from your sidewalk could result in a fine. Plus, you don’t want to be dealing with the headache of a slip or fall. For best practice this season, stay ahead of the storm and be prepared to remove ice from sidewalks right away.