What’s the Best Way to Keep Parking Lots and Sidewalks Ice-Free?

January 17th, 2022 in Property Maintenance
What’s the Best Way to Keep Parking Lots and Sidewalks Ice-Free

With winter in full swing and a couple of hefty storms behind us, it’s a good time to go over the best ways to keep parking lots and sidewalks ice-free. Even though it’s mild out right now, we’ll likely see freezing temperatures again this season, with more ice and snow. Here is how you can prepare before, during, and after to keep your property safer for residents, customers, visitors and employees.

Before a cold weather event - Anti-icing

There are a couple of approaches when it comes to property maintenance and parking lot maintenance in the winter. The first is a proactive technique called anti-icing. The idea is to prevent ice from forming at all which greatly reduces the chances of slips and falls. Anti-icing is quick to do and lasts for days. Because it can eliminate the need for additional salting afterward, less overall product is used. This makes anti-icing one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods of keeping sidewalks and parking lots ice-free.

During/After a cold weather event - Shovelling/De-icing

During a snowstorm or cold front, the most common approach is shovelling or plowing to keep sidewalks and parking lots free of snow. However once an accumulation starts developing de-icing becomes necessary. Applying a de-icer after ice and snow have already bonded to the pavement is not as effective as anti-icing because it requires more product and takes longer. There’s also the possibility of damage during the process of scraping snow and ice off pavement surfaces. Nonetheless, using de-icing in conjunction with anti-icing is an effective way tool in sidewalk and parking lot maintenance.

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