Why a Clean-Looking Property Is More Important Now Than Ever

May 28th, 2020 in Property Maintenance
Why Is a Clean-Looking Property More Important Now Than Ever

While it is always preferable for commercial properties to be clean and presentable these are not ordinary times. Margins are tight and a lot of property owners may be looking to cut expenses that do not seem as important.

One place that many may be considering, especially now that spring is here in full force, is exterior cleaning and maintenance of their properties. However it is worthwhile, perhaps now more than ever, to keep commercial properties looking as clean as possible.

Given the effectiveness of hand washing and regular disinfecting in combating Covid 19, cleanliness and hygiene are more important than ever. Maintaining a clean property on the outside not only helps convey professionalism of the business or businesses inside but right now it can also convey safety.

And while some may feel that the exterior doesn’t necessarily reflect the interior, visitors to your properties will be seeking reassurance and certainty that the property they are entering cares about their safety. A clean property will create a positive impression on clients.

Maintaining a clean exterior should involve regular pressure washing of high traffic and high visibility areas such as siding, parking lots, sidewalks and other walkways.

Landscaping is also an important consideration with summer around the corner, keeping your greenery in order enhances curb appeal and creates a generally pleasing environment.

Window and glass cleaning is also essential. It will allow clients to see into your building and note whether or not you are open for business, a legitimate question at the moment. As well windows can be one of the most obvious signs of cleanliness and streak-free glass doors, windows and other glass will give visitors that feeling of security they are craving.

By providing an air of professionalism and safety it will greatly improve your ability to draw customers back in when it is time to reopen and ensure that they keep coming even when all of this trouble is past.

Also, keep in mind that Vancouver property values are expected to fall in the near future. A tidy exterior and regular commercial property maintenance will help you maintain your property's value.

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