Why Hire Property Maintenance Professionals in a Vancouver Residential Complex?

December 24th, 2022 in Property Maintenance
Why Hire Property Maintenance Professionals in a Vancouver Residential Complex

Ask any homeowner and they’ll agree residential property maintenance in Vancouver is a year-round, full-time job. Pressure washing, power washing, window cleaning, gutter cleaning–there is a lot to keep up with! 

Now multiply that for duplexes, low-rise apartment buildings, modular homes and strata units. Taking care of all that is a big, never-ending job that entails a lot of equipment, expertise and elbow grease. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed! So hiring property maintenance professionals to oversee all that work for your residential complex is one of the best decisions you can make.

Of course you could try to do it yourself, but would you have time for anything else? Or you could hire different individuals to fulfill various duties. But then you spend your time managing them, answering their questions, hoping they do the work thoroughly, safely, correctly, and don’t create bigger problems. Either of these scenarios is a big headache waiting to happen.

We have a better idea. Hire professionals right from the start. Enjoy peace-of-mind, never thinking or worrying about property maintenance again.

Here are more reasons why working with a property maintenance team is the perfect solution for you and your residential complex.

Why hire property maintenance professionals

  • Knowledge

  • Tools

  • Safety

  • Scheduling


Cleaning a residential property requires knowledge of the different parts of the building, including the materials they’re made of and the condition they’re in. Knowing these details informs how they are cleaned. 

For example, both pressure washing and power washing use a high-pressure spray to wash away dirt, grime, mould and mildew from surfaces. But one uses cold water while the other uses hot water. One is suitable for building exteriors, the other works best on sidewalks and driveways. There are some surfaces that should never be cleaned with a pressurized spray. Too, cleaning solutions, concentrations and methods vary depending on different factors like the substance being cleaned, how long it’s been there and the underlying surface it’s being removed from.

A professional maintenance team knows all this information and proceeds accordingly. They even know the best times to clean. (For instance, did you know the most beneficial day to clean your windows is a cloudy one?) Plus, they have remedies for any number of problems they might encounter while carrying out their job. They won’t have to bother you with questions or delays.


When tasked to do a variety of jobs for a residential complex you need a variety of tools and equipment to go with them. Sometimes the job needs larger or more powerful versions than what is marketed to regular homeowners.

When it comes to property maintenance, there are pressure washers, power washers, nozzles, hoses, bushes, wands, cleaning solutions, ladders, buckets, squeegees, sponges, cloths, personal protective equipment (PPE), tarps, garbage bags and lots more that enable the job–and cleanup–to be done. Then there’s the maintenance and upkeep involved in keeping them all working at the high level required. When not in use, there needs to be an appropriate space to store them.

Property maintenance professionals bring all of that with them, and take it all home again when they are done. You, as a property owner, never have to worry about it. Take that extra time and space to do other things.


A lot of property maintenance involves working at heights. It’s a dangerous job, so safety is a big issue. Anyone performing work on your property should be well-versed in the areas required, including fall safety, ladder safety, harness safety, just to name a few. You do not want to be liable for damages or injuries incurred on your property due to risky practices. 

Always Clean technicians have extensive safety training. This includes WorkSafe Fall Safe Protection, the correct usage of safety harnesses and of the equipment we use, as well as cleaning techniques like soft washing typically used on higher level windows in multi-story buildings.

In addition we utilize safe cleaning practices to avoid harm to people, pets/wildlife, or damage to the grounds or buildings. The chemicals we use, for example when window washing, are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They remove dirt, grime, calcium build-up to leave your windows sparkling clean with a crystal clear view.


Scheduling is another area that takes up mental resources with expensive consequences for lapses.

For example, chores like gutter cleaning are best carried out at certain times of the year. Depending on the number of surrounding trees, once may be enough, or twice a year in heavily-treed areas to take care of fallen leaves, pine needles, dirt and debris. These substances can quickly fill and clog a gutter system, channeling or trapping water next to side sides, roof and foundation of a building.  Given our very rainy climate, regularly scheduled gutter cleaning is a necessary part of residential property maintenance in Vancouver.

There are many great reasons to hire a property maintenance team. Professionals like Always Clean Maintenance do their work with residents' safety and convenience in mind. Fast, friendly, convenient service keeps your property running smoothly and looking well-kept.

Always Clean Maintenance provides premium residential cleaning services in Greater Vancouver.  We work on single and multi-family dwellings, duplexes, low rise apartment buildings (up to 4 floors), modular homes and strata units. Contact us today for a free quote.