Why Is Commercial Property Maintenance Important in Vancouver?

November 24th, 2022 in Property Maintenance
Why Is Commercial Property Maintenance Important in Vancouver

Our climate here in British Columbia is a wet one, increasing the prospect of damage and safety issues related to moisture. So, Vancouver commercial property owners who take an out-of-sight out-of-mind approach with their building maintenance are doing themselves a disservice. A tendency to let things slide ends up costing a lot more in the long run. For example, maintenance bills that start as simple, reasonable repairs, over time shift to expensive and disruptive replacements.

It’s for this reason and more that commercial property maintenance in Vancouver is so important. Let’s look at a few more of the “whys”.

Commercial property maintenance addresses:

  • Safety

  • Prevention

  • Repair

  • Bylaws

  • Curb appeal

Safety is paramount. You want to avoid injuries or worse occuring to visitors, tenants, customers and employees on your properties. Regular maintenance helps prevent slippery sidewalks and parking lots. Simple maintenance routines that we do include scrubbing and pressure washing sidewalks to remove dirt, grime, gum and garbage. We power wash parking lots to remove grease and oils. We also take care of landscape maintenance to remove tripping or slipping hazards–particularly important in the Fall when the trees drop their leaves and frequent storms bring down branches.

Prevention is key to keeping repair costs down. Once the deterioration process starts, it continues unabated, so wood keeps rotting, metal keeps rusting, and brickwork keeps crumbling. Since ongoing moisture is often the cause of these issues, the solution is to reduce exposure. Always Clean specialises in property maintenance in Vancouver so we have the equipment, knowledge and experience to eliminate organic materials like moss that hold moisture on surfaces. This includes exterior walls, walkways, retaining walls, window surrounds and signage.

Another source of property destruction potential is pests. Avoid attracting unwanted rodent or insect infestations at all costs. Contract with a maintenance team who will ensure garbage is picked up and garbage bin areas are kept free of odours and debris.

Repair is a big part of keeping a commercial property running smoothly. Burnt out bulbs create safety concerns for visitors and poorly lit signs don’t reflect well, literally or figuratively. Electrical problems can be dangerous, as can any system or piece of hardware in need of repair. Hire a professional property services team to take care of issues that arise and rest assured that business will continue to hum along without interruption.

Bylaws: The Council of the City of Vancouver enforces a by-law called the “Standards of Maintenance By-law” (pdf updated Nov 14, 2022). It applies to all buildings in the city and the owner is responsible for carrying out–or having carried out– maintenance work in accordance with the by-law.

Some of the provisions include keeping land free from rubbish, debris, objects and materials; keeping light equipment and its supports safe and in proper working condition; keeping fences and enclosures in good repair and free from accident hazards, keeping retaining walls in good repair and free from hazards, keeping exterior walls in good repair and in a manner to prevent deterioration due to weather, etc. There are many more provisions pertaining to property maintenance in Vancouver.

We are proud to provide premium property maintenance building services to commercial owners and property management companies to keep them in compliance with the bylaw and avoid being in the public database of negligent property owners.

Curb Appeal: Who doesn’t prefer a nice looking property? The truth is we are all attracted to well-kept, professional looking buildings and grounds. A commercial property with clean walls, sparkling windows, bright signage, immaculate landscaping and welcoming walkways is heads above the competition in terms of customer appeal and word-of-mouth praise.

When you hire us our experienced technicians will see that your property looks professionally manicured, remains safe and in good repair, complies with city by-laws, and is "always clean”.

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