Commercial Window Cleaning

Always Clean Maintenance provides commercial window cleaning for a variety of buildings including low and high-rise structures.

The build-up of grime, dirt and calcium can cause your windows to appear cloudy, and difficult to see through. A professional cleaner will efficiently remove this cloudy build-up, without scratching the glass.

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To ensure your glass is safely cleaned and free of streaks, we use two methods of window cleaning; squeegee and soft wash.

Squeegee Cleaning 

This method of window washing is used for a variety of applications, including framed windows, railing glass, glass display cases, glass doors, and high-rise windows. Using a strip applicator, the windows are first gently washed with an eco-friendly, biodegradable solution. This prevents rubbing the dirt around and removes the dirt gently without scratching the glass. Next, our technicians use a large rubber squeegee to wipe the window clean. The squeegee method is the most widely used method to achieve clear, streak-free glass. 

Soft Wash Cleaning 

The Soft Wash method of cleaning is typically used on higher elevations and involves the use of a long pole that can be adjusted. The pole is fixed with a scrub brush that allows the technician to gently scrub loose dirt and grime that builds up on the glass. The pole is also affixed with a tube that allows for the distribution of the cleaning solution and clean water. For higher stories, we can also utilize the use of a high lift or rope chair.

Are We Insured? 

Always Clean Maintenance is fully insured and trained in fall safety practices governed by WorkSafe BC. Our technicians are easily identifiable, and always professional when on site. Our experienced technicians know how to work with the time of day and the weather so that they can achieve clean, streak-free, glass windows. 

Do You Service Strata Units? 

Yes - with over 20 years of experience, Always Clean Maintenance has experience working with property management teams, that manage strata units, including single-unit homes, townhouses, 5-story condos, and apartment high rises.

Do you Provide Interior Window Cleaning?

Yes – Contact our office today to get more information on how to gat a free quote for our interior window cleaning services. 

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