Parking Lot Line Painting

Always Clean Maintenance provides full service Parking Lot Line painting. Having clean lines, well identified stalls shows your visitors that you care about your property. Whether you are requiring new lines, logos, identifying specific areas or simply wanting to freshen up your current markers, Always Clean Maintenance is your premium choice for parking lot line painting in the Greater Vancouver area.

1. What is Parking Lot Line Painting?

Parking lot painting is the service of painting lines, logos and identification stalls, using solvent based paint.  Well defined lines clearly identify all traffic marking areas including parking stalls, entrance and exits, and reserved areas for business customers, employees and or handicapped parking.

2. Can you paint my logo?

Yes! We use a lettering system that allows us to replicate your logo, font and colours to match your corporate branding. By fabricating a template of your required paint design, we can recreate whatever design your painting job may require.

3. What is Black Out painting?

Black Out painting is the process of covering up faded or chipped identification markers by painting over the area using a durable black paint. This provides a clean canvas for either repainting new traffic identification makers or simply covering a marker that is no longer needed.

4. Can I choose my own colour?

Yes! At Always Clean Maintenance we do our best to match colours to our client’s preference. We also carry the standard colours used with regulation symbols including city crosswalks, handicap symbols and emergency service lines and areas.

5. Why do you use solvent based paint versus water based paint?

Solvent based paints are more durable than water based paints. This affords a longer lasting paint job as it endures the elements of the weather, traffic, and over all wear and tear.

6. What clean-up is involved when painting our parking lot?

Once a paint job is completed on your property, Always Clean maintenance will clean all tools in a contained cleaning area. Once off site, we will dispose of all waste water used during the cleaning process. Always Clean Maintenance is diligent in adhering to all regulations and city bylaws pertaining to the handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

7. Do you only paint commercial parking lots?

No! Parking lots are only one example of painting identification markers. We can paint identification markers where our clients need them. For example, we paint residential parking lots in strata complexes or apartment buildings.

8. Why would I use a Parking Lot Line Painting Service?

Professional curb appeal, safety, night time visibility and clearly identifying your business area are all reasons why you would use a Parking Lot Line Painting Service.

We Love To Make You Clean … Always!