Residential Roof Cleaning and Moss Treatment

Is the moss on your roof causing you concern? Are you worried about needing premature roof replacement due to mold, algae, lichen, bacteria, and moss growth? If so, it is time to act.

At Always Clean Maintenance, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your roof. That's why we offer top-notch residential roof cleaning and moss treatment services to protect your roof.

Contact Always Clean Maintenance today for a free quote. Our experienced technicians are ready to provide you with a comprehensive solution that restores the beauty and durability of your roof.

Say Goodbye to Unsightly Moss Growth 

Our roof cleaning and moss treatment service is designed to remove moss developing within your shingles and effectively kill all forms of damaging bacteria on your roof. 

Unlike pressure washing or other methods that can cause damage to your roof, our cleaning process ensures that your roof remains protected while achieving excellent results. To achieve these results, we follow this proven procedure:

Thorough Surface Removal: We begin by manually removing all heavily infested areas of moss using a stiff brush and blower.

Surface Clearing: Next, we carefully vacuum any fallen moss from your rooftop and gutters to prevent clogs and further damage.

Applying Our Specialized Formula: After we have removed large patches of moss, we spray every inch of your roof using our special cleaning formula. Within moments, you will notice the remaining moss change color and die off.

While some effects are immediate, it can take up to a month to fully remove all moss. Our formula is left on to continue working as it attacks the rhizoids of the moss, killing them over time. Eventually, the dead moss will turn into powder and fall off the roof. This process cleans your roof and also slows future moss growth.

Experience Results 

While it may take up to 2-3 months due to weather, for all the moss to disappear, our roof cleaning service will still provide an immediate improvement in the appearance of your roof and lasting results.

If you have moss on your roof, you need to act, as it can damage your residential property and compromise the integrity and lifespan of your roof.