Residential Window Cleaning

Using eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solutions, we remove, dirt, grime,  and calcium buildup, leaving you with streak-free glass.

Always Clean technicians are experts in working with the weather. We know the best time of day to clean your windows and how to use the sun to our benefit. (A cloudy day is the most beneficial day to clean your windows).

Contact our office today to get a free quote on your exterior and interior window cleaning requirements. 

The Benefits of Having Your Windows Professionally Cleaned: 

  • Enjoy your days off - Having your windows professionally cleaned saves you time so that you can enjoy those activities that would have to be put to the side, to spend the day cleaning your windows.
  • Look great - Professionally cleaned windows leaves your home looking spectacular from the inside out, with a sparkling curb appeal. 
  • Stay safe - A large amount of homes in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley region are two (2) stories high; this means, that cleaning your windows would require you to be climbing a ladder, balancing your cleaning tools, and hauling heavy buckets of water and cleaning solution, potentially putting yourself in a dangerous situation. 
  • Don't scratch your windows - The Always Clean Maintenance technicians are trained in two different window cleaning techniques; squeegee and soft wash

What Techniques Do You Use to Wash Windows? 

Squeegee Wash – S motion washing with a sponge and squeegee tool. A tucker pole can be used for reaching higher windows.

Soft Wash – typically used on higher level floors, the use of hand tools to scrub and dry the windows, with solution transported up a hollow pole through the scrub brush.

Frame cleaning – the frames to your windows often experience a build up of grime due to condensation. Our technicians take care of details like ensuring the frames of your windows are wiped clean.

Do You Service Strata Management? 

Yes - with over 20 years of experience, Always Clean Maintenance has experience working with property management teams, that manage strata units, including single unit homes, townhouses, and low and high apartment buildings of any level.