Safety Protocols

At Always Clean Maintenance, delivering exceptional property maintenance services in Greater Vancouver is our area of expertise. However, the safety of our, workers, employees, clients, and the public is always our first order of business. We have comprehensive safety protocols, to make sure that we perform our maintenance duties while keeping everyone safe in the process.

Rigorous Initial Safety Training 

Our commitment to safety starts from day one, as every member of our team undergoes extensive initial safety training. From studying detailed manuals to participating in assessments, we leave no stone unturned when equipping our employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and mitigate potential hazards. Our employees are not only highly trained, but also closely supervised to make sure everyone is doing what he or she is supposed to, quickly, efficiently, and safely. 

Specialized High-Rise Safety Certification 

Working on high-rise buildings comes with a unique set of challenges and risks. Before working on any project, our cleaners receive specialized training, including rope chair, fall protection, lift training, and obtaining boom lift certification. By ensuring our technicians are comfortable and experienced in working at heights, we create a safer environment for all involved. 

Preserving Safety in High-Volume Traffic Areas

We always maintain safety in high-volume traffic areas, by redirecting foot traffic and/or placing signs that people are working overhead. As much as we want our employees to be safe, we also recognize that businesses need to continue operating.

Our experienced technicians understand and have studied traffic control techniques, enabling them to efficiently manage vehicles and pedestrians while minimizing disruptions and guaranteeing everyone's safety. We also utilize appropriate barricades and signage to block off specific areas during maintenance activities or repairs, as necessary.

Always Clean Maintenance takes immense pride in providing safe and effective cleaning services for a wide variety of properties, such as residential homes, towering commercial complexes, or large institutional buildings like schools or hospitals.

You can count on us for rigorous safety protocols and the efficient operation of our services. Contact us today on the Lower Mainland and get the maintenance that your building deserves.